Brian Vastag

Science Journalist

I’m moving…

…out of my home office and into the newsroom of the Washington Post. For the next six months I’ll be on the general science beat at the paper, which lost most of its science reporters during the past three years of brutal buy-outs and downsizing. I’m thrilled for the opportunity to bring more science to the Post. Look for my stories online and in the *gasp* print paper too.


  1. Dear Brian:

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your recently articles on the Japan disaster, in particular the pieces on radiation and the status of each reactor.

    I like the way you explain complex issues in easy to understand language.

    I will definitely be reading all your stories in the Post and should you decide to publish a book I’ll buy it.

    Here are a few suggestions that might be interesting:

    Global Warming, A Republican’s Awakening

    Anti-Depressants and Other Ways to Overcome Depression

    Marijuana, Harmless or Harmful

    Total Cost of Energy by Source

  2. This is just a note to say hello. I noted your piece regarding chimpanzee research. I am an old primatologist, former zoo curator (Chicago), field researcher (Indonesia), scientific editor (National Geographic), and scientist (in primate research centers)–focused on conservation of natural populations and their habitats, and improving the quality of life for captive primates. Let me know if you are interested in talking about primate science.

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